The LOHF Directory: T-Z

Welcome to the Ladies of Horror Fiction Directory section T-Z! We can’t promise it’s a comprehensive list (though we do promise we’re trying our hardest to make it so!), but if you are looking to read more female authors in horror fiction and don’t know where to start, this should give you a great jumping-off point.

Listed (last, first) alphabetically. Click on the word “Website” to be taken to their personal websites if they have one or their Goodreads author page if they do not.

As time goes, we will slowly be adding profiles on the site about each of the women. When that happens, their names will be clickable.

This list will continue to develop over time. If there is a name we are missing, please let us know in the comments below.

NOTE: A (D) beside a person’s name indicates deceased. A * indicates that this is a pseudonym (of a female writer).

Gentle reminder: We are not perfect. We may get your name wrong. If we do, feel free to let us know what we did. However, remember the golden rule and treat people how you, yourself, expect to be treated. 


Taborska, Anna – Website

Tantlinger, Sara – Website

Tanzer, Molly – Website

Taylor, April – Website

Taylor, Lucy – Website

Tem, Melanie – Website

Thompson McCloud, Ellen – Website

Thorne, Erin – Website

Thorne, Tamara – Website

Titus, Lori – Website

Trent, Letitia – Website

Triana, Gaby – Website

Tuttle, Lisa – Website



Vega, Danielle – Website

Verstraete, C.A. – Website

Voiez, Carmilla – Website

Vourvoulias, Sabrina – Website


Walters, Damien-Angelica – Website

Warra, Brooke – Website

Warren, Kaaron – ReviewWebsite

Watkins, Linda – Website

Waters, Sarah – Website

Wells, Jaye – Spotlight | Website

West, Jacqueline – Website | Review

West, Sam* (Collette Metcalf) – Website

White, Sheri – Website

Whitehall, Emma – Website

Whiteley, Aliya – Website

Wild, Lilah – Website

Wilde, BarbieWebsite

Wilson, Jennifer – Editor/Publisher – Website

Wilson, KeaWebsite

Wilson, MehitobelWebsite

Wojciechowski, ChristaSpotlight | Website

Wohlsdorf, GinaWebsite

Wolfe, Jezzy –  Website

Wong, Alyssa – Website

Wooley, Marion GraceWebsite

Worrell, Everil (D) – Website

Wright, BeckyWebsite

Wytovich, StephanieWebsite



Yarbro, Chelsea QuinnWebsite

Yardley, Mercedes M.Website


Zimmermann, LindaWebsite

Here you will find T-Z, but click on any of the following links to be taken to the relevant sections. A-DE-J, K-M, N-S


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