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astridaddamsAstrid Addams is a self published author, horror fan and reader who lives in the UK in Leeds. THE HAUNTING OF HOPE HOUSE is her first novel. SECTIONED, an upcoming  novella schedule for release on November 9, 2018, is available to pre-order at Amazon . She is currently hard at work on future projects.




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Hope House has a past so gruesome and evil, that few people dare to set foot on the property. Until out of the blue, Alice inherits Hope House. With nowhere else to go and money lenders and her own horrific past at her heels. She decides that Hope House will make a good family home. Ignoring the houses past, Alice brings her two children and her skeptical brother to the house for the weekend. Soon after their arrival, the evil within the house is released.

Nasty smells, bad energy and ghostly figures haunt the corridors of Hope House. Furniture moves all by itself and something foul lives in the garden and behind the wall that partition the house in two. Something that drives Alice to her brothers throat and haunts the kids.

The family soon become trapped at the house with no way out as both the evil within and the money lender descend. Can Alice and her family outsmart the money lender whose driven them to the derelict house? Is the strange old woman who knocks on their door right about Alice’s daughter Madison’s gift? Can they use it fight the evil within the house that’s still hungry? Or will they become the latest ghosts to haunt Hope House?

The Haunting of Hope House is the debut supernatural ghost story from Astrid Addams. If you like Darcy Coates, James Hunt and Michelle Dorey, you’ll love The Haunting of Hope House.

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